Terms and Conditions of Villas Comfort - Villa Spa - Booking Agency

Villas Comfort is mediator in holiday homes according to law and this explains Villas Comfort to our customers through our brokerage book a limitation of liability. As a customer you agree with this limitation of liability and Villas Comfort is not responsible for any deficiency in a possible action of your page at Villas Comfort. Dan you can make the claim to the owner of a holiday home in the country where this House is located.

Villas Comfort is facilitator. No owner of this House. As a broker, there are other rules regarding the responsibility. Villas comfort works for a Commission on the rental amount. That's why Villas Comfort has voted that the owners do not Villas Comfort but the owner is responsible for any deficiency and or complaints. Villas Comfort is therefore not responsible for any technical deficiency, Cleaning or other problems of your page. So you need to register with the owner. Villas Comfort are no compensation- Periods and will handle any complaints. You get a booking always the telephone number and address of the owner to the 1e deposit. Sometimes, the owner makes the keys also same.

You agree that you can't charge Villas Comfort in a foreign District Court, because you know and are informed in advance that the owner is responsible for their posting.

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Spain and parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Palma de Mallorca


1. Bookining reservation

The rental reservation contract is concluded with a written acceptance by us.
You will receive a written confirmation of reservation, and the necessary documents (Driving directions, exact address of the property, keys, etc.
Special requests, reservations, on one condition, and verbal agreements are only valid if they are confirmed by us in a writing as well.

2. Payment

On Reservation, a deposit need to be paid within 7 days. The balance is payable at arrival.
The deposit payment usually is to do via bank transfer.  
The exact address, account number, etc. You will receive with the confirmation of your reservation.

3. Special conditions and instructions

All costs  (assuming normal use) are ussually including eg electricity, gas, heating, bed linen, final cleaning, wifi, etc, however we advise you to carefully read the descriptions of each property to avoid misunderstandings, since some properties billed separately any of these consumptions.


The end cleaning service is included in the price, but you will be able to contract a cleaning service during your stay.The cost of an extra cleaning service will apear at the house description.


Carry a pet is allowed or not, please also check out in the respective description. A pet must be announced on each case with a breed type and size and should be notified at time of booking, even if it is allowed according to the description. The permit is valid in principle only for ONE Pet.
 6. Number of persons:

The rental property shall not be occupied by more people than it is shown on the booking confirmation. The specified maximum number of people includes children and infants.
Exception: If a different arrangement was expressly agreed and confirmed by us.
7. Arrival time, Departure time

The arrival time on day of arrival and the surrender of the rental property on departure, please see the individual Description. In general, following periods of time are recorded: arrival after 16:00 clock - Departure until 10.00 o’clock

8. Cancellation policy

If your trip has to be canceled, for any reason, you must announce the cancellation as soon as possible. In your own interest and to avoid misunderstandings, we recommend you to explain the written cancellation (email).
In any case, the amount paid as deposit won't be returnable.

Cancellation on our part: In the event that our agency notes of or is informed of any change regarding your booking, for example, a change in the quality indicated, major works in the area, serious repair required, impending sale ... we would notify you as soon as possible and try to offer you a similar or superior alternative accommodation, subject to availability. If in spite of our efforts we could not do this, then 100 % of the amount paid or the proportional amount if you had already enjoyed part of the stay would be refunded.

9. Types of Rentals:

In Villas Comfort, we manage  "Tours Vacation Homes" rentas and long stay rentals subject to the Residential Tenancies Act, please indicate what type of rental are you interested.